Dublin Spotlight on Hope Beer Brewery

We are pleased to inform you that once again this year, the Netherlands Embassy in Ireland will be participating in Day of the Entrepreneur, to celebrate Dutch entrepreneurs for their courage and perseverance.

Entrepreneurship is vital for growing and flourishing economies, especially now that countries are investing in recovery after the pandemic. On this occasion, we are proud to place Hope Beer Brewery in the spotlight.

Founder and Managing Director, Wim de Jongh was born in Dublin but grew up in the Netherlands. Whilst studying in Trinity College, he met his Irish wife Jeanne Mahony. After spending a considerable time living in the Netherlands and Switzerland, Wim and Jeanne, together with two friends of theirs, founded Hope Beer Brewery in 2015. Within six years, they managed to deliver a state-of-the-art brewery, producing an extensive range of award-winning premium craft beers.

This Dutch/Irish success story prospered through determination and courage, even during difficult economic times, despite the many challenges. Hope Beer continues to tap into their local roots and has amassed a loyal customer base, with the names of their beers inspired by local history and folklore.

In addition, sustainability is a very high priority of Hope Beer, a subject of particular importance to our Embassy’s work, which we are an advocator for. There are more than enough reasons to congratulate Hope Beer with their great achievement and entrepreneurial spirit. A true inspiration!

In October the Embassy team, had the pleasure of paying a socially distant visit to Hope Beer Brewery, where Ambassador Palm presented Wim and Jeanne with a certificate from the Tree Council of Ireland, of the gift of a tree planting in Aurora Forest in Co. Wicklow, in their honour.

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